Fackelmann Stainless Steel Vegetable Grater

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MRP 199

  • This stainless-steel vegetable grater is ideal for grating carrots, ginger, cucumber, raddish, potatoes, soft cheeses, apples and much more. You can also use this durable vegetable grater to remove the zest from citrus fruits.
  • This rust-resistant vegetable grater is strong, resilient and will last you a long time thanks to its razor-sharp stainless steel blades. The ultra-sharp blades make quick work of all your grating needs. It won't warp or bend while in use.
  • This incredibly sharp vegetable grater sits on your cutting board or countertop and stays steady and in place. When using the grater, the ergonomic handle is built to ensure safety while fitting comfortably in the palm of your hand.
  • It's very simple to store this flat, thin grater. It can simply be hung from the handle or laid inside any drawer that has some additional room.
  • This stainless-steel grater is resistant to rust and corrosion, making cleaning it quite simple. To properly remove any stuck-on fruits or vegetable fragments from the grater's surface, use your scrubber. After that, a quick rinse with warm water will do the trick.


Fackelmann Stainless Steel Vegetable Grater | Ideal for Grating Ginger, Fruits, Vegetables & Cheese | Strong, Durable & Easy to Clean

Dishwasher Safe


  • Weight: 20g
  • Length: 250cm
  • width: 60cm
  • Height: 20cm
  • Color: Silver
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