Fackelmann Brands stands for kitchen gadgets, household items, bathroom furniture and much more - and is guaranteed to be in every home thanks to the large variety of more than 10,000 items. The diverse range is manufactured at the headquarters in Hersbruck and in four other countries around the world at a total of nine production sites - and is available all over the world.



In total, we currently have more than 40 business units in various regions such as Western and Eastern Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Russia, China, India, Southeast Asia and Brazil. With several production sites in Germany, one in France, one in Poland, four in China and one in India, our company is able to supply its customers along the entire supply chain. Be it with our own brand universe or with private label solutions that are specially tailored to the individual requirements of our customers. With a brand awareness of 80%, we are one of the leading companies in the household goods industry.



We are a traditional, third-generation German company that is 100% owned by the Fackelmann family. Alexander Fackelmann has been managing the company since 1992, succeeding his father Sebastian Fackelmann, and has been successfully expanding it at home and abroad for almost three decades.

We attach great importance to a decentralized group structure that grants our subsidiaries maximum autonomy. This approach ensures that we can adapt quickly to local requirements and market conditions and at the same time benefit from our global network. Our management team has extensive operational experience with an understanding and connections to the international housewares industry. Thanks to our M&A experience, we have successfully carried out 18 acquisitions in the last ten years, including, for example, Fackelmann Housewares Australia & NZ, Prestige South Africa and Tomkin Australia. We believe that it is this experience and this knowledge that make Fackelmann unique.

We always have our finger on the pulse and are highly innovative. What holds us together as a family of companies is our view of the future and trust in our collective creativity.


Founding by the Fackelmann brothers

The three brothers August, Ludwig and Heinrich Fackelmann leave their father's farm in Lower Franconia for Nuremberg, Stuttgart and Munich to find happiness there. In 1919, under Heinrich's leadership, the “Fackelmann Works Representatives for Households and Hardware” were founded in Nuremberg.

Expansion of commercial agencies

Even then, the various merchandise had one common denominator: making life and work in the kitchen and household easier and more pleasant for people. Further commercial agencies in southern Germany follow.


Sebastian Fackelmann takes over the business

After the early death of the founder Heinrich, Sebastian Fackelmann followed in his father's footsteps and, after the end of the Second World War, initially continued the business as a sales representative. Thanks to his years of apprenticeship at the Nuremberg family business Küchen-Loesch, he is very familiar with kitchen helpers and household issues.

From wholesale to in-house production

Sebastian Fackelmann is the sole managing director and is gradually expanding his agency into a wholesale business. In 1958 he starts the series production of wooden goods - such as toothpicks, mixing spoons or breakfast boards and small furniture - in his first own production facility in Altensittenbach near Hersbruck.


Kitchen gadgets for the modern household

Modern kitchen gadgets for modern households: At the Hersbruck location, plastic kitchen gadgets are also manufactured from the early 1980s. A great advantage of the long-lasting products is their insensitivity and suitability for the dishwasher.

The 3rd generation joins the company

Alexander Fackelmann, who holds a degree in business administration, began his career in the family-owned company in 1984. His focus is on sales, marketing, business development and internationalization, which he consistently promotes and implements.


Establishment of the first foreign branch

An important milestone for the sustainable development of international business is laid at the end of the eighties - with the establishment of EQH (European Quality Housewares) in Hong Kong, the gate to the Far East opens even further.

Modular system and distinctive logo

Alexander Fackelmann takes care of the introduction and implementation of the modular Fackelmann shelving system in the trade: The customer-friendly and tidy presentation of the goods is a milestone, both for the company itself and for the entire trade. He also developed the striking company logo, the black Fackelmann lettering on a red bar, which has hardly changed to this day.


Starting shot for international expansion

Fackelmann grew rapidly in the 90s - gradually more and more branches abroad were added. The Czech Republic is the first, followed a year later by France and Bulgaria. 1996 Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, 2002 Italy.

New on board: the baking mold expert Zenker

With the takeover of the baking mold specialist Zenker, the second German production site of Fackelmann Brands is in Aichach, Bavaria. All of the brand's baking molds are manufactured on site under the highest quality tests and using the most modern manufacturing techniques. Innovative coating systems, modern color worlds and assortments for every taste and requirement conquer the whole world starting from the Swabian city.


Europe and the whole world

The international expansion continues - there are also more branches: Spain, Romania and Croatia, UK (2005), China and India (2007) with large production facilities, UAE (2007), Serbia (2008), Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore ( 2009), Singapore (2009), Ukraine (2010), Australia (2012), Russia and Brazil (2013).

Opening of the new logistics center in Hersbruck

The headquarters in Hersbruck is also growing. With the new logistics center, Fackelmann is taking into account the increasing demands on goods storage spaces and modern technology.


Baking at the highest level: Dr. Oetker kitchen helpers

As of 2013, Dr. Oetker baking molds and kitchen aids under a long-term license agreement in the hands of Zenker. Since then, the baking mold specialist from Aichach in Upper Bavaria has been building the top position of Dr. Oetker baking appliances are constantly expanding: creative and innovative product range expansions, original concepts and impulses help new baking habits to break through on the market.

Let's go down under!

The renowned Australian manufacturer McPherson's becomes Fackelmann Housewares Australia and New Zealand. Fackelmann is thus positioning itself strongly with the brands Wiltshire, Stanley Rogers and Füri. The traditional brands Stanley Rogers - premium kitchen gadgets - and Füri - professional knives, are now also available in Europe. The markets in Singapore and Hong Kong are also increasingly served from Australia.


Two new additions for Fackelmann Brands

Tomkin, headquartered in Sydney, has been the market leader in the hospitality industry in Australia for over 40 years with many well-known brands in its portfolio. Tomkin is the perfect complement to Fackelmann Australia. New Wechsler in South Africa has stood for household goods, kitchen gadgets, cutlery and glasses for more than 70 years. With the acquisition of shares, Fackelmann strengthens its position on the African continent.

Happy Birthday Torchman!

Fackelmann turns 100 - a reason to celebrate! In the anniversary year, the company is not only appearing in a completely new guise at the leading Ambiente trade fair, but is also opening the first flagship store, the Fackelmann Welt, at its headquarters in Hersbruck. There is also a lot going on digitally: The fackelmann.de online shop now offers the opportunity to immerse yourself in the variety of Fackelmann products around the clock.


New in the portfolio: pots, pans and roasters

Fackelmann and ELO decide on an international sales cooperation. With this partnership, Fackelmann is expanding its existing product portfolio not only with pots, pans and roasting pans, but also with a partner with more than 80 years of expertise in the manufacture of high-quality cookware.


Alexander Fackelmann, CEO

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