Fackelmann Stainless Steel Arcadalina Egg Whisk - 28 cm

Sku Id: 49219

MRP 199

  • The shape of this stainless steel egg whisk is designed to increase the amount of air you can whip into food. For this reason, the egg whisk is great for beating eggs, whipping cream and making lump-free batters and sauces.
  • The shape and material of the handle makes it extremely comfortable to hold as well as non-slip. It's also lightweight, meaning your arm won’t get too tired, even after vigorous whisking
  • In case you are making a cake, this egg whisk is ideal to mix flour, sugar, eggs, oil, and flavoring into a tasty batter. It is also a great way to blend cake mix with eggs and any other ingredients that are necessary.
  • This durable stainless steel egg whisk is rust-resistant, does not discolour, deform or melt. It will not damage or scratch any of your pots, pans, bowls, or other dishes while you cook your favorite meals!
  • This manually operated egg whisk allows you greater control over the speed and intensity of mixing, which is needed in blending or preparing delicate ingredients, sauces, and whipped creams.


Fackelmann Stainless Steel Arcadalina Egg Whisk, 28 Cm | Handheld beater, No Electricity Needed | Perfect for whipping Eggs, Creams and Sauces

Hand Wash

  • Weight: 48g
  • Length: 29.50cm
  • width: 7.50cm
  • Height: 7.50cm
  • Color: Silver
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