Fackelmann Cologne Range Nonstick Cookware 4 Pcs Set 3 Layer Non-Stick Greblon Coating Aluminium Kadai with Glass Lid, 240 mm Fry Pan 24 cm Roti Tawa, 280 MM

Sku Id: 1101011

MRP 3599

Crafted from heavy-gauge aluminium, this kadai from Fackelmann is a healthier way to cook food. Featuring 3 layer non-stick Greblon coating, this non-stick kadai can reduce or even completely eliminate the use of oil, making the food significantly healthier. Vegetables retain a crisp, crunchy texture, while the meats and seafood do not absorb large amounts of oil, making it heart-healthy


  • This roti tawa is the need of your kitchen to cook tasty rotis, cheela, omelet, sweet crepes or even dosas. With the non-stick coating, you will never have to worry about unevenly cooked or burnt food. You will be able to make healthy foods with minimal of oil or butter.
  • This aluminium non-stick fry pan is the best tool for cooking fluffy omelets, sautéing vegetables and shallow frying meat—without the risk of your food sticking to the bottom. Apart from its non-stick coating, this fry pan offers good heat distribution and excellent maneuverability.
  • No matter how you cook your eggs—scrambled, sunny-side up, over easy—they won't stick to the pan’s surface. In fact, the only reason you’d need oil or butter in this pan right out of the box is for flavour

Non-stick coating provides a superior surface that requires less cooking oil. Use plastic, wooden, silicon or nylon turners to avoid scratching non-stick surface of the roti tawa

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